Steve Austin Discusses John Cena’s Stunner Move, Vince McMahon Pays Tribute to The Ultimate Warrior

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

– Below is video of Vince McMahon paying tribute to The Ultimate Warrior. This message aired on the WWE Network after last night’s RAW as a lead-in to the preview for WWE’s new Warrior DVD set.

– WWE United States Champion John Cena using his new springboard Stunner move was discussed on Steve Austin’s latest podcast by Austin along with Mark and Chris Bell, who did the “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” documentary.

Cena using the move seemed to offend Austin, at least to some degree. Austin believes the Stunner should mean something and said the springboard aspect has the potential to be dangerous. The trio referred to the move as “gimmick infringement” on more than one occasion.

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