Steve Austin’s Advice To Cesaro On Returning From Injury – Come Back Guns Blazing; “F-ck The Politics”


On the most recent episode of The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed!, Steve Austin offered some friendly advice to Cesaro for while he’s laid up after surgery to repair a torn shoulder.

Here’s the thing: I talked to some of the guys that are on the shelf right now and sometimes there’s a silver lining in a dark cloud. So you take those months off that you need to heal up, remove yourself from the picture, observe the business, watch the business, see who’s moving the needle and why, and come up with a better solution. Reinvent yourself, come up with another trick, and make the most of a bad situation. Study the business, study old stuff and find something old that no one else is doing and bring that up and make ’em do it again. You never want to see anybody go down with an injury but when you do, be constructive with it when you have that time. Rest up your body and rest up your brain.

Austin then really cuts to the heart of it and goes in “Stone Cold” mode.

You’re gonna need the guy sooner or later. Jesus christ, he’s got, shit, I don’t know how many, five quality years left in him. Maybe more; he’s a physical specimen who can work his ass off. If ever there’s a time . . . They started cheering him when they split him and Swagger up, they started organically cheering for him, they stuck him with Heyman, then they had to pull him away from Heyman — I love Paul, but they didn’t need that association — so the people didn’t know whether to shit or wind their watch and he got lost in the shuffle through the process. Now, when he does make his comeback, there’s a story there, and organically. However you reinvent him, or he reinvents himself, or whatever the gimmick, gadget, or reason is, it’s time for this guy to come back both guns blazing, ‘fuck all the politics, I’m going to the top.’ Almost, to a degree, I would never say Stone Cold, but in that vein. ‘Fuck it, what do I got to lose? I’m coming back from an injury, I was right at the top when I left, a lot of politics and bullshit holding me back; fuck it all, I’m going for it. I’m going for the brass ring that Vince McMahon always says nobody is reaching for. Shit, I’ve been reaching for the son of a bitch for three or four years, it ain’t got me nowhere. Well, this time I’m taking it to the top.’ Something like that.