Sting Talks About His Current WWE Status, If He Wanted to Wrestle at WrestleMania 32, His Neck


– WWE’s website just spoke with 2016 WWE Hall of Famer Sting about the induction and his in-ring future. The full interview can be found at this link. Sting revealed that he did not have surgery after suffering the neck injury in the WWE Night of Champions match with Seth Rollins last year. Sting saw two neurologists, one in Houston and WWE’s Dr. Joseph Maroon, and both said the same thing – Sting wasn’t having any of the side effects he should have had. Sting said he’s feeling good and completely normal. Below are highlights from the interview:

WWE.COM: It had been reported that you were diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Is that diagnosis now inaccurate?

STING: I am not saying that is inaccurate. I’m agreeing there probably is spinal stenosis or cervical spinal stenosis. I have had certain doctors tell me, “You know, so many athletes of all ages, they’ve got this. They deal with it to some degree or another.” I had one doctor here tell me, “You’re fine, you’re okay — you don’t have anything to worry about.” And then wrestlers say, “I’d see this doctor.” “No, I’d see this one over there.” I’m telling you, it’s just craziness. So I’m thinking, as long as I’m feeling good, why am I going to do anything? And the one thing everyone has said is don’t go under the knife unless you absolutely have to.

WWE.COM: Had you not had this injury setback last September, do you think we would have you seen performing at WrestleMania this year? Or, is that just too tough a question to answer because of all the variables?

STING: Oh no, it’s an easy one to answer: Yes. If I had my way, yes, of course. I would have loved to have done one more WrestleMania and I would have called it quits at that point. The Undertaker match — that’s what I wanted to do.

WWE.COM: Had there been any early discussions prior to the injury of what your role could be at WrestleMania 32? Or, was it just something that you had in your mind?

STING: Yes, it was in my mind, of course, but everyone knew that I definitely wanted to have that one match. And, of course, WrestleMania would have been the place to do it. But, I got hurt and the rest is history.

WWE.COM: Have you thought about your speech and the message you want to get across that night?

STING: Oh yeah, I have, and it’s nerve-wracking, for sure. I know there have been lots of different styles, and sometimes there are guys that have a lot to say [laughs]. But really, the main thing I want to do is just say, “Thank you.” That’s really it. Thank you to the fans, wrestlers, my wife, my kids, God. I’m very grateful for 30 years, I really am — and especially to the fans. That’s probably going to be the gist of what I want to say. I know they love to hear stories — and there are plenty of stories that I could tell, trust me — but, it’s mainly going to be my time to say, “Thank you.”

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