Tammy Sytch Hospitalized – Photos and Latest Update


Former WWE star Tammy “Sunny” Sytch has been hospitalized twice since last week.

The WWE Hall of Famer was admitted to a hospital in New York early last week, and again on Saturday.

Last Monday, she posted photos of a bruise from a hospital and wrote, “Ok. Need to get out of this hospital. They will only release me is someone comes to get me. Who is near Stony Brook who can come, sign me out, and GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!!!”

She then posted photos of other bruises on Tuesday.

Oleg is retired Russian mixed martial arts fighter Oleg Taktarov. She admitted to having a crush on him a few days prior to her first hospitalization.

Immediately following the last post, she wrote, “Oleg Taktarov is an amazing fighter. Gorg. Russian. If you don’t know, look him up. Omg. I would be his slave. Oleeegggg.”

She then wrote a half hour later, “Omg he wrote back AGAIN. I can totally die now. He made my world. Omg. Omg. Totally marking out. He deserves that. Omg. My Russian love. Omg. Ok I gotta stop.”

Sytch, however, wrote the following day, “Heart is broken.. again.”

Then on Friday night, she wrote, “No one cares about me.”

On Saturday morning, she revealed that she was in an emergency room because she “passed out and fell,” and posted photos revealing that the accident caused her head to bleed.

She posted this update from the hospital late Saturday night/early Sunday morning:

In an update on the situation, she is currently hospitalized at Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, New York. She sent this update on Monday afternoon thanking people for their concern.

Prior to being hospitalized, Sytch said on Twitter that she was having a “horrible fucking day” and asked “someone please make it better.”

She also wrote on Facebook the night before:

“Why is it that when I meet a normal guy, and we’re getting along great, he disappears all of a sudden with no warning … he must find out what I do for a living. And that’s so judgmental and sucky. fuck you then. I don’t need you.”

“SO just now, on my way to the gym, I stopped for a sandwich because I’m starving. Some guy who recognized me took it upon himself to sit down at my table, start talking to me, and long story short, offered me money for sex. WHEN WILL YOU ASSHOLES REALIZE IM NOT A FUCKING ESCORT OR HOOKER!! fuck you all.”