Torrie Wilson On Turning 43 Years Old

Torrie Wilson

It’s been just over a decade since Torrie Wilson walked away from the wrestling industry, ending the blonde bombshell’s run as one of the premier women to ever step into the ring and, more importantly, ripping out the hearts of all those who enjoyed seeing her every week.

On Tuesday, the former WWE Diva turned 43 years old and we can definitely say, “She’s still got it.”

In this post on Instagram, Wilson said that she’s proud to turn 43.

. 1st #BeastMode workout finished of the year & it went just like this whole year is gonna go! . I still feel forever stuck at 28 (or 12😜), but I’m proud of every damn day that has gotten me to 43 today. . . You can actually be ‘younger’ than those 1/2 your age if you don’t get jaded by’s easy to let it happen but it’s my #1 rule to live by. Even before being a beast in the gym & eating healthy..things I clearly value! . . If you take care of yourself & continue loving the world with a pure heart..even when you are thrown those hard balls..age is just a number…and one we should all feel blessed to reach each year! ❤️🕺🏼🙏🏽 . THANK YOU for the Bday love! I’ve been betrayed like you., had my heart stomped, lost businesses & started over more than you would believe. Been used by ‘friends’ & felt failure more than I like to admit but I thank God for it all because each time I had the choice to either get bitter or get back up STRONGER & WISER. I will forever fight to NOT see the world with bitter eyes. And my only birthday wish is the same for you.❤️

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