Tyson Kidd Reportedly Injured During Pre-Raw Match With Samoa Joe

Tyson Kidd

According to fan reports from the June 1 Monday Night Raw show in San Antonio, Texas, Tyson Kidd was reportedly injured during a match with Samoa Joe that took place before the live broadcast on the USA Network. As previously reported, Joe has now signed a full-time contract with WWE.

According to fans in attendance, it appeared as if Kidd suffered some sort of collar bone or neck injury near the end of the bout. When the match had ended, Natalya reportedly rushed to the back, Kidd’s tag team partner Cesaro got into the ring to check on Kidd, and the official threw up the injury call-sign of an X.

It is said that Kidd was visibly upset leaving the ring, and was nursing his neck area as he went to the back. While Kidd may have just been selling Joe’s finish, an official wouldn’t normally throw up an “X” unless the injury, or threat of an injury, was real.