Update On Samoa Joe Following Injury – Will He Return In Time For WrestleMania 34?

Samoa Joe

The same night Samoa Joe declared he would be coming after John Cena in the Royal Rumble, he suffered an injury to his foot. The injury took place during a match against Rhyno on Raw on Jan. 8, and one month later, it’s still unclear just how long he will be kept out of action.

In an update on the situation, Joe has been removed from all WWE live events until a few weeks after WrestleMania 34. He is not listed for any WWE events until the European tour in May. This could simply be a precaution and he could always be added if he’s cleared to return to action before then.

During an interview on Booker T’s Heated Conversations podcast on Jan. 20, Joe said that his return to the ring is “a week to week thing.”

“As of right now, it’s kind of a week-to-week thing. With these injuries sometimes they heal sooner, sometimes they heal later,” Joe told Booker T.

“They are going to do a little bit of an ultrasound, check it out every week. They’re going to be giving me treatments. It’s not something that can be fixed surgically. It’s basically a lot of time, rest, and elevation, and letting it heal. It just depends on how quick it heals. Hopefully, it will be sooner than later. Obviously, we’re going to be past the [Royal] Rumble, but I don’t know how much further past that.”

With his injury, it’s quite possible that Joe will miss WrestleMania for the second consecutive year. While Joe was healthy for last year’s show in Orlando, Florida, but not used.