Vince McMahon Wants To Give This SmackDown Star A Big Singles Push -

Vince McMahon Wants To Give This SmackDown Star A Big Singles Push

Mr. McMahon

WWE officials could be breaking up Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods in the near future after a major endorsement deal recently fell through.

In recent months, WWE has been in negotiations with the Quaker Oats Company on selling pancake mix featuring The New Day on the package. However, the companies couldn’t reach an agreement on marketing costs and negotiations stopped.

As a result, WWE officials may now move forward with plans to split The New Day.

For the second consecutive year, WWE officials wanted to split up The New Day during the Superstar Shake-up, with Big E getting a big singles push, and Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods staying together as a tag team to retain The New Day name. The potential deal with Quaker Oats prevented WWE from going through with the breakup.

Another potential factor in the group finally splitting up is because New Day merchandise is no longer a top seller, with sales considerably cooling off in recent months. A strong indication of this is that they’re no longer listed among the featured Superstars on WWE Shop.

Vince McMahon is especially high on Big E and has wanted to give him a big singles run for a while. However, The New Day’s merchandise sales have stopped him from breaking up the group to push Big E.

In early 2014, McMahon considered Big E as someone they could build WWE around — Big E held the Intercontinental Championship at the time. This is according to Pro Wrestling Torch editor Wade Keller on Steve Austin’s podcast in January 2015, who was told this by Sean “X-Pac” Waltman. Triple H argued for Roman Reigns and ultimately won out.

Keller: Sean Waltman was on PWTorch Livecast a few months ago and he said that he told Hunter back then that Roman Reigns is potentially a guy that they should build around… I blame Sean Waltman!

Keller: But Hunter a year ago was debating Vince McMahon. Hunter saying “I like Roman” and Vince was saying “I like Big E.” I mean clearly, Roman is way ahead of him now but…I mean not that Vince wasn’t for Roman but Vince’s big project was Big E at that moment…

After WrestleMania 30, WWE started pushing Reigns as “The Guy,” whereas Big E dropped the Intercontinental Championship and felt by the wayside until The New Day came to be later in the year.