WrestleMania 32 To Be The Start Of Several Years Of Roman Reigns Dominating WWE

Roman Reigns

Vince McMahon wants WrestleMania 32 to be the start of several years of Roman Reigns in the top spot formerly held by John Cena.

“As of right now, the plan is for Reigns to go over and be the top babyface in the company for years to come,” Dave Meltzer states in this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The company attitude is that it doesn’t matter if fans boo him. It isn’t the late eighties and WWE’s success isn’t tied to one wrestler on top. The WWE brand is what drives money and most fans will find something to like. John Cena is living proof that boos or cheers aren’t damaging for a franchise babyface, and if anything, the diverse reactions could be a good thing. It certainly propelled Cena to huge levels of business. He’d get booed out of the building each week while drawing significantly more money than anyone else.

Reigns, however, is not as big a star as Cena. The audience at Fastlane and at Raw booed him heavily when he’s supposed to have his most momentum building to his big win. His merchandise numbers are good, but nowhere near Cena level.