WWE Legend Says It Will Be Amazing If TNA Is Still Around In 2016, Talks Pay Issues

The Honky Tonk Man

– In the video above, WWE Legend The Honky Tonk Man talks about TNA’s longevity and their issues with pay. He was asked if he’s surprised TNA is still around and replied:

“Absolutely. I said in the very beginning, when they were in the infant stage when I was doing my podcast, that they wouldn’t be around in 1 year. But they have outlasted my prediction. If they’re around another year, if they’re still around in 2016, it will be amazing. It will be an amazing feat of longevity for someone who doesn’t pay their bills, doesn’t pay their employees, their checks are late for production people. I’m on record by saying, what kind of a person would not pay your people when you supposedly have millions of dollars and what kind of a person would work for someone who’s constantly late with the payments to you? I understand that young wrestlers need a place to perfect their craft and work and do those things but they send a really bad message to the whole industry. If I work for free for someone, how could I ever go to WWE and ask Vince McMahon to pay me, when he knows I have worked for free for everyone. So he has no reason to ever pay anyone. So it sets a bad precedent for our business.”

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