WWE WrestleMania Coming to Los Angeles In the Near Future?

WrestleMania 31

– There has been a lot of speculation in the past few days that WWE’s WrestleMania could be heading to Los Angeles in the next few years. F4Wonline.com also noted today that there have been rumblings of WWE’s biggest show of the year possibly being held in LA.

This comes after it was announced on Tuesday that the NFL’s St. Louis Rams will be moving to Los Angeles. There are plans to build a new stadium in the Inglewood area, which will be the NFL’s biggest stadium in terms of square feet. The expected price tag for the 70,240-seat stadium is $3 billion. They will also be able to expand the capacity to add 30,000 extra people in standing-room-only areas for larger events.

No word yet on when the stadium will be completed but it sounds like the type of venue WWE would want to host WrestleMania, after using Levi’s Stadium last year and AT&T Stadium this year. Mark Williams of HKS Inc., the firm designing the stadium, commented to the LA Times:

“It’s going to be so much more than going to a football game. You’re going to be absorbed into the site, absorbed into the stadium and get a very wide bandwidth of experience. It’s the kind of memory people are going to cherish for a lifetime.”

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