WWE’s Latest Plan To Get Roman Reigns Cheered, Asuka Works Dark Match Before SmackDown Live

Roman Reigns

– The WWE creative team is still making an effort to get fans to cheer for Roman Reigns.

Dave Meltzer said on the post-Raw edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE creative is trying to recreate the Daniel Bryan storyline with Reigns where management is favoring Brock Lesnar and trying to screw him over, thus explaining why “The Big Dog” currently isn’t Universal Champion.

Meltzer noted that WWE is going with the angle whether fans accept it or not.

– Before SmackDown LIVE went on the air from Baltimore, Maryland last night, Asuka beat Sonya Deville in a dark match. From F4WOnline.com, here is a fan’s review of the match:

“It was a pretty good match. Deville got the heat and they did a cool spot where they each blocked a head kick from the other and then hit them at the same time for a double down. Asuka eventually won with the Asuka Lock.”

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