Bayley Talks WWE NXT Iron Man Match Against Sasha Banks, Says This Is Only the Beginning


– WWE NXT Women’s Champion Bayley says she just finished reading tweets about her Iron Man match against Sasha Banks at NXT “Takeover: Respect” and posted the following letter to fans:

I’ve been trying to find the words to express how I’m feeling after Takeover and I can’t quite describe it. My 10 year old self is freaking out at the thought of being a part of WWE history. But even back then I never imagined having as much support as we did going into the match and after. From everyone! From the company, our peers, and most importantly..the fans. As much as I dreamt abut this, I couldn’t have dreamt up a better person to share this with. I couldn’t have done it without Sasha. We share the same passion to go above and beyond our own hopes and everyone’s expectations. This is only the beginning.

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