Latest Betting Odds For WWE Payback That Are Probably Spoilers

The smart odds appear to be in for WWE Payback tonight. These are very long odds since we didn’t see lines like this for both Fastlane and Wrestlemania. With odds like this the most likely reason would be insider leaks, however, with more people than ever now gambling on WWE this may just be the result of who gamblers are backing heavily. Either way, there is always a chance of upsets based on bad information or last minute changes to finishes.

Here are the odds for tonight’s matches. A minus sign indicates the favorites and the plus symbol for the underdogs. The number is how favored or unfavored particular competitors are.

Roman Reigns -1990 vs. Braun Strowman -5960

House of Horrors Match
WWE Champion Randy Orton +3500 vs. Bray Wyatt -13500

(The WWE Championship will not be on the line)

Seth Rollins -7500 vs. Samoa Joe +2500

United States Championship Match
United States Champion Kevin Owens +2750 vs. Chris Jericho -9250

Raw Tag Team Championship Match
Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz -13500 vs. Sheamus & Cesaro +3500

Raw Women’s Championship
Raw Women’s Champion Bayley +1500 vs. Alexa Bliss -4500

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville -9250 vs. Austin Aries +2750

Kickoff Match
Enzo & Big Cass -7500 vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson +250