Friend Of Big Cass Says Alleged Backstage Incident With Carmella Never Happened

Carmella and Big Cass

A backstage incident with SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella may have led to Big Cass’ release from WWE.

Just two days after facing Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank, WWE made the shocking announcement that Big Cass has been released from his contract with the sports-entertainment organization.

WWE issued a brief statement on his release, simply announcing, “WWE has come to terms on the release of William Morrissey (Big Cass).”

Given the sudden nature of Cass’ release, speculation ran rampant as to what led to WWE’s decision.

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reported in May that WWE officials were upset with Cass for a segment on SmackDown LIVE in which he attacked a little person dressed as Bryan. According to Satin, Cass continued the attack for longer than had originally been in the script.

Satin followed up after Cass’ release to report “a mix of multiple things” culminated in his exit. He broke the door off a bathroom on a tour bus being used by WWE, and Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso reported Cass “was drinking the majority of [WWE’s] European tour and had attitude issues when drunk.”

However, the last straw was allegedly a backstage incident with Carmella, his ex-girlfriend.

According to a report by Taylor Underwood of, Cass “caused a scene” while speaking to Carmella. He asked her to forgive him, apparently in hopes for a reconciliation. She tried to walk off but he grabbed her arm and wrestlers in the area stepped in. Underwood was told that The Usos and Erick Rowan forced Cass to back away from her.

Once word got back to management, the decision was made to fire him. Vince McMahon held a private meeting with Cass in his office on Tuesday at the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio — a few hours before SmackDown LIVE went on the air — and fired him.

This recent incident would also explain why he was not wished well in his future endeavors in WWE’s announcement of his release.

Some people will doubt whether all this actually happened, but a separate incident from a different source seems to corroborate lingering issues between Cass and Carmella.

The morning after WWE announced Cass’ release from the organization, Billi Bhatti of reported there was a backstage incident involving him and WWE 205 Live/WWE Main Event play-by-play announcer Vic Joseph. This incident took place around the time Cass’ was informed of his release, and in the room where WWE performers eat.

Carmella and Joseph often hang out backstage at SmackDown LIVE television events and Cass believed “there was something going on between them.” Joseph told co-workers that Cass confronted him about speaking to Carmella and threatened to “take his head off.”

This incident allegedly took place before McMahon told Cass he was being let go. This did not result in Cass’ release from WWE since the decision to terminate his contract was made the day before.

A friend of Cass has vehemently denied both alleged incidents occurring.

Robbie Fox, who interviewed Cass in person for his wrestling podcast on BarStool Sports last year when the wrestler was out with a torn ACL, took to Twitter on Saturday night to dispel both rumors.

The person behind the report of the alleged Cass/Carmella incident responded to Fox, saying he was specifically told about it.

In Dave Meltzer’s report on Cass’ release in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he noted that Cass “vociferously” defended Donald Trump a year or so ago during an argument with Sami Zayn about the treatment of Muslim people.

Cass and Carmella dated for three or four years, beginning in 2013 or 2014 when they started working together in NXT. The relationship ended sometime late last year and fans noticed at the start of the new year that Carmella removed almost all photos of herself with Cass from her Instagram account.

In a post on Instagram on January 15, Carmella revealed they had broken up after they were shown buying a home together on Total Divas.

Here is Carmella introducing Cass on Total Divas, where she also talks about her desire to move from Orlando, Florida to Los Angeles, California (where she lived for a few years before joining WWE).

In this second clip, they are shown housing-hunting together in Los Angeles. Cass, however, isn’t too interested in the idea.

They eventually bought a house together, which Carmella revealed in an Instagram post last September that has since been deleted.

Their break-up occurred while Cass recovered from an ACL tear he suffered during a match against Enzo Amore last August.