Booker T Challenges Goldberg To A Match, Goldberg Responds

While at the gym, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recalled a story from WrestleMania 34 where he was using his hoverboard to get around backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and mentioned that Goldberg told him he needs to get back in the gym.

“I had an issue with Goldberg just a couple weeks ago because I was riding my hoverboard at WrestleMania,” Booker T said in this video posted today on Twitter.

“Goldberg, he was talking about how I wasn’t in shape because I was riding the hoverboard. I said, ‘Look Goldberg, I work out at the gym. You feel me? I work out on the gym on a regular basis.'”

Booker T said that he just using the hoverboard for fun and wanted to let Goldberg know he was still in good shape. He then did several pull-ups and challenged Goldberg to a pull-up contest. He didn’t stop there though.

“They could add an extra match to that Greatest Royal Rumble and it would be Booker T and Goldberg, the rematch from when I beat him back in WCW.”

On WCW Monday Nitro on July 24, 2000, Booker T successfully defended the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Goldberg.

After posing for the camera, Booker T offered up next year’s WrestleMania as another place they could meet up.

Goldberg responded to Booker T’s challenge with this tweet.

Booker T mentioned on his radio show yesterday that he will be filling in for Jonathan Coachman on Raw this Monday.