Cesaro on Vince McMahon’s “Outlandish” Comments, Grabbing the Brass Ring, Tyson Kidd, More


WWE’s website has a new interview at this link with Cesaro, billing it as the “Brass Ring” interview in reference to Vince McMahon’s comments about him on Steve Austin’s podcast. The piece also has comments from William Regal, Paul Heyman and others. Below are highlights:

His style and in-ring work:

“I’m the living proof that the WWE Universe wants to see wrestling. They want to see in-ring action. Do I think I can stand in the ring with each and every [main-eventer]? Yeah. Do I think I can beat ’em? Yeah. And that’s the allure of my style. I can beat anybody on any given day, and I don’t compromise. Do they have catchphrases and T-shirts and everything? Yes. But my calling card is what I do in the ring, and that’s something I’m very proud of. I produce the most exciting matches with pretty much any person on the roster. Pick any guy on the roster and I can tell you a match I had with them that people can still remember.”

Teaming with Tyson Kidd:

“We were the only ones that successfully defended our titles at WrestleMania, and I’m extremely proud of that. We really, in my opinion, were the best tag team ever. And friendship is something I’m very traditional with. That’s another thing that’s just important to me. That’s part of being a professional, a Renaissance man so to speak. Older values of older times, that are not as much around anymore, are still very important to me.”

Vince McMahon’s comments:

“The infamous podcast. You can’t really reason or explain something, because once people get a certain impression, that’s really hard to change. With anything, it’s kind of similar here, in that the only way to respond to such an outlandish comment is to prove it wrong, and that’s what I’m doing. Usually when people ask me about [the podcast], the way I respond is that two months and 22 days after that podcast, me and Tyson Kidd won the WWE Tag Team Championships. That’s my response to that. And that’s a pretty good response.”

Grabbing the brass ring:

“To me, this is how I grab the brass ring. This is what I do. I wrestle. And I wrestle my heart out. That’s what I leave in the ring every single night. That’s my heart. Fighting spirit. If you like it, you like it. That’s what I do.”

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