Chris Jericho Reveals A Wacky Gimmick That Was Proposed For Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle

Let’s see: Katie Vick, Billy and Chuck, Judy Bagwell on a pole, a bird taking Eric Bischoff hostage, David Arquette’s title run… yes, innocent, unsuspecting wrestling fans have had a tremendous amount of atrocious and offensive storylines unleashed on them over the years. But the really scary thing is that this lot may not even be the bottom of the barrel. Oh, no. There have been even worse ideas that never made it past the writers’ room, including one involving former WWE Diva Candice Michelle.

In July 2004, Candice auditioned to be a contestant for World Wrestling Entertainment’s Raw Diva Search. Despite not being chosen to be in the final ten, she was hired by the company under the gimmick of a makeup artist. Until joining SmackDown in the summer of 2005, she was solely used as eye candy on Monday Night Raw. Since she obviously wasn’t brought into the company for her acting chops, one of the writers proposed that she just not speak at all.

During the October 17, 2014 edition of Talk Is Jericho, former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts recalled being unable to keep a straight face while making the announcement for Santina Marella being crowned the inaugural “Miss WrestleMania” in a 25-woman battle royale at WrestleMania 25 and mentioned Candice Michelle being in the ring with him. Jericho then relayed an amusing anecdote on the former WWE Diva.

“Brian Gerwitz wanted to make her the first Diva to never have a tongue. She wouldn’t have a tongue, she wouldn’t be able to talk. She’d just go kwaaa hwaa and point at things.”

Fortunately for Candice, she wasn’t saddled with this terrible gimmick and would go on to have a respectable career in WWE that included a Women’s Championship run.