CM Punk Lashes Out (Again)

CM Punk

The CM Punk circus continues to chug along, no end (or fight date) in sight, but rest assured, Punk will make his debut in the octagon — and he’s none too happy to see people questioning that fact on Twitter and in the press.

The former WWE Superstar appeared on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani this week to discuss the criticisms he has received on the social media site and elsewhere, and he did not mince words. Calling Twitter a “cesspool of humanity” he stated that when it comes to criticism online.

“You stomach it by not reading it. That’s what you do. Otherwise you’ll just go fucking insane,” Punk said.

Punk’s ire seems to stem from a popular theory online that he may not ever make his UFC debut, something that likely came about due to a recent injury and concerns over his age. Punk never singles out any one individual, however, and it’s not entirely clear if he’s confusing people questioning his overall longevity in mixed martial arts with someone actually thinking he’ll never fight. The longevity question is a valid one since Punk will be close to 38-years-old by the time he makes his debut, presumably sometime next year.

To this end, Punk went on something of a rant, stating, “The last thing I need is some phony journalist being like, ‘Oh he’s fake injured. He’s never gonna fight.’ Fuck off, pal. Who told you it was okay to write a book? Who made you a journalist? I don’t know why people are so concerned with what I’m doing. If you don’t like the book somebody wrote, don’t read it. If you don’t like the TV show somebody is on, don’t watch it. If you’re mad that somebody is remaking Big Trouble in Little China, it’s your favorite movie — guess what? Don’t watch the remake. Don’t want to watch me fight? Don’t watch me fight.”

Punk is of the belief that most will watch, even his critics. Addressing that camp, he states, “Oh this is terrible for the sport, we hate him, we’re not gonna support it,’ they’re gonna watch it. They want to watch it. That’s the funny thing about it.”

He continued, “They can say it’s a PR stunt. They can say whatever. But I know I’m gonna get my day in the octagon and I’m gonna have fun doing it. I just try to ignore all the silliness. Some days it gets to me, and I don’t ignore it. And then I remember, oh yeah, that’s why you do ignore it. Because I fed the trolls. Don’t feed the trolls.”