CM Punk Talks WWE, Says He’s Not A Fan Of Scripted Promos

CM Punk

CM Punk talked about his former career in WWE during a UFC podcast interview announcing his debut fight in September.

Punk said fighting in MMA was “something I always wanted to do,” but did not have the chance until he left WWE. Punk noted he felt like the product was deteriorating, which contributed to his decision to walk away from WWE in January 2014.

“You have a whole room of guys writing for you who don’t know you, where you’re coming from, your perspective, or your character. And, if you’re out there being disingenuous saying words that three other people wrote — I always felt that the crowd could tell. And then they’re going to pay attention to their phone or shit on your segment. I was always a big fan of doing my own thing,” Punk said.

Punk took it a step further saying, “Now, wrestling is over-scripted to death.” Punk added, “It’s almost like they have a chokehold on it. Some guys need to let loose and be themselves.”

Punk also compared the pro wrestling vs. MMA mentality for wrestlers and fighters.

“In wrestling, you’re trying to make it look like you’re smashing a guy without actually touching him at all,” Punk said before crediting Bret Hart for being the master.

Punk said if you go into a fight, you have your hands up. But, in wrestling, you don’t have your hands up.

Punk also talked about some WWE stars being safer than others, without naming names.

“I worked my fair share of unsafe guys,” Punk said. “Some guys are just clumsy.” Punk also joked about being clumsy himself at times.