Dana Brooke Explains Why She Quit Titus Worldwide

After yet another defeat, Dana Brooke parts ways with Titus Worldwide.

Titus Worldwide is still trying to get Dana Brooke some momentum, but after an attempt at mid-match coaching that did more harm than good, it looks like the statistician has deduced she’s better off on her own.

Teaming with Ember Moon against Sasha Banks and Bayley on Raw, Dana did a nice job building off her strides from last week and following up on Ember’s impressive groundwork. But Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews’ conflicting coaching distracted Dana down the stretch, allowing Sasha to roll her up for the pin. When Titus and Apollo’s bickering continued after the match, Dana threw up her hands, declared she’d had it with both Raw Superstars and walked off alone.

Following her dramatic walkout, Dana took to Twitter to voice her frustration and explain why she quit Titus Worldwide.

Dana, however, did have positive things to say about Moon.