Details On Cesaro’s Injury – When It Happened

Jim Ross reported on Twitter on Sunday that Cesaro is having shoulders issues that will likely require surgery and put him out action for four to six months.

He injured his shoulder on last Monday’s episode of Raw during his match with Roman Reigns. He worked the following night’s SmackDown taping in a match against The Miz, but it was brief.

WWE had planned for him to compete in the 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match during the live Survivor Series Kickoff, but was scratched from the contest due to injury and replaced by Titus O’Neil.

While this isn’t the worst injury that could happen for WWE, it’s definitely one that will be felt the most by hardcore fans. Cesaro seemed to be right on the verge of breaking through into the main event scene, especially with his strong showing in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Instead, he will be joining his tag team partner Tyson Kidd on the disabled list.

Here is footage of Cesaro’s match with The Miz.