More Details On Enzo Amore’s Backstage Heat

Enzo Amore

In addition to reports of Enzo Amore being kicked off a tour bus during WWE’s European tour in May, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reports today that there is heat on the 30-year-old for bringing “a series of questionable guests” backstage.

Some WWE wrestlers are upset with Amore because his friends broke locker room etiquette by filming video and taking photos of them backstage. They feel Amore “should know better.”

Barrasso also says that Amore is venturing into the music business, “which creates another conflict with WWE and could even land him on the list of future-endeavored talent.”

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Amore got kicked off the tour bus after being overheard talking negatively about the wrestling industry while bragging about how much money he is earning from WWE.

The tour bus incident came up on WWE Network’s Bring it to the Table last Monday, with JBL saying “the odds are completely against Enzo” making it in WWE due to his heat with wrestlers.

Corey Graves also said on the show that he personally doesn’t like Amore. He said Amore behaves exactly like his television persona 24 hours a day, and since he sees him day after day, him being loud and bragging about who he partied with in Los Angeles gets tiring. Graves, however, feels that Amore is valuable to WWE, noting that he’s popular with fans, sells a lot of merchandise and does well in quarter-hour ratings for Raw.

According to Barrasso, Big Cass often stood up and protected Amore. However, Cass’ promo during their break-up angle on Raw where he expressed his frustration with him was based on how people in WWE perceive Amore.