Heath Slater and Baron Corbin’s Twitter Exchange Over Rhyno Getting Fired On Monday Night Raw

Heath Slater

Heath Slater says it’s all Baron Corbin’s fault that Rhyno is no longer a member of the Raw roster.

Informing Slater and Rhyno that cuts would be needed, the “General Manager-Elect” scheduled a match pitting the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions against one another on Monday Night Raw. Slater, unable to risk losing everything that he’s built for his family in recent years, defeated his friend to force the veteran wrestler to leave Raw.

Following the match, Corbin informed Slater backstage that he was being reassigned as a referee.

Corbin took to Twitter on Tuesday to blame Slater for Rhyno being out of a job when he could have just quit.

Slater, however, feels it’s all Corbin’s fault.

Corbin’s response:

Corbin also said that Slater can aspire to be like former WWE referee Tim White.