Is AJ Lee Leaving WWE?

AJ Lee

Here’s another AJ Lee could be leaving WWE rumor.

Bryan Alvarez of mentioned during Sunday’s edition of Wrestling Observer Live that there’s a rumor going around in WWE that if AJ Lee loses the Divas Championship to Nikki Bella at Survivor Series, then fans may not be seeing her around much longer in WWE.

That was following the news that AJ was rebranding herself online as AJ Brooks. WWE officials aren’t keen on their talent having outside ventures, so it was definitely a curious move for AJ to make.

Brooks is of course the name she took when marrying CM Punk. By trading on AJ Brooks, she is potentially providing a new brand for life outside the WWE. Retiring from WWE would mean she can spend more time with Punk, who left the organization in January.

Still, this is a rumor for now. AJ was linked with the exit previously in 2014 and those stories proved to be false. At one point nobody expected her to come back to WWE when out on vacation with Punk, but then she did come back and won the Divas Championship again.

She’s a good worker and character. However, she does seem a little lost in the division. She’s the champion, but really has fulfilled all of her career goals. There aren’t many compelling feuds lined up for her. Instead, she spends most of her time hearing “CM Punk” chants.

Losing the title to Nikki at Survivor Series could be the end of AJ Lee, but she’s also proved to be resilient and capable of comebacks. Time will tell when it comes to this rumor.