Jason Jordan To Miss WrestleMania 34 Following Neck Surgery

Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan is hurt at the worst possible time as he’ll miss WrestleMania 34.

Last week on Raw, Jason Jordan cost Seth Rollins and replacement partner Roman Reigns a Raw Tag Team Title win and was sent home indefinitely by Kurt Angle due to a nagging injury. This week, the Raw General Manager addressed his son’s status and said that Jordan’s injury would prevent him from competing at WrestleMania.

WWE announced last Tuesday that Jordan underwent successful surgery to decompress a nerve in his neck.

“He had an injury to a disc in his neck which resulted in significant pain that was refractory to all conservative measures,” WWE Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon said. “It was decided to do a minimally invasive operation to decompress the nerve, to allow it to heal.”

“The procedure Jordan underwent is called a minimally invasive posterior cervical microdiscectomy. It is not known just how long Jordan will be out of action.”

Jordan has not been wrestling in the last month due to what a report two weeks ago by Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer described as a serious neck injury. It was said to be serious enough that he had trouble gripping. However, a Facebook post by Jordan’s wife said his injury wasn’t that serious and that he would be back in the ring soon.