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Kalisto Injured After Being Struck In The Face By Fan’s Water Bottle On 205 Live?


According to an Instagram post by Kalisto’s wife on Thursday night, her WWE star husband received stitches and underwent an MRI following an unspecified assault. She also speculates that Kalisto may have suffered a fracture from the attack.

It appears that she’s talking about Kalisto being struck in the face by a water bottle that a fan hurled on this week’s episode of 205 Live from Newark, New Jersey as she enclosed a photo of her husband showing a busted lip.

The water bottle incident occurred as Kalisto was laying outside of the ring to sell a beatdown from Gentleman Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick (teaming with Gran Metalik against Kendrick and Gallagher, the match got ruled a disqualification after Kendrick attacked Kalisto while Gallagher was the legal man).

The incident got caught on camera and shows a water bottle bouncing off the floor and nailing Kalisto in the mouth.

According to this tweet by WWE’s Talent Parking Coordinator, the fan who hurled the bottle got caught.