Kelly Kelly Says WWE Hasn’t Been Supportive of Her New Show, Talks The Rock and Baywatch

Kelly Kelly

– Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly recently spoke with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine to promote tonight’s “WAGS” season finale on the E! network. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

WWE not supporting the show:

“My family and friends have been number one fans. They have watched every week. They are so supportive of it. The lead-in is ‘Total Divas.’ So it’s perfect because fans want to also know what it’s like after WWE and what life is like. It’s the perfect transition into that. You know WWE hasn’t been very supportive, so that’s kind of upsetting. I’ve gave them so many years. We’re on the same network. We are right after ‘Total Divas.’

“They just haven’t given any support whatsoever. They support when guys do other things outside of the business like The Rock and Steve Austin. They support them fully. For me, it’s like really? We didn’t have a falling out. I left on good terms. Now that I’m doing this on my own, and I’m on the same network, you could be more supportive. So that has been upsetting, but people I used to work with and a lot of the wrestlers watch it. So that’s great to have their support. Maryse came on this season, so that was cool. It has been good.”

Possibly starring as CJ Perry with The Rock in Baywatch:

“That would be the role of a lifetime. I have kind have been talking to The Rock here and there. He is like, “I’m rooting for you. We’ll see what happens.” Every hot actress, model, athlete is going out for this role, but you never know how things. He was like, ‘You’d be perfect for it. I was like, ‘Yay! I’m going to try to use my Twitter following to my advantage. Let’s just put this out there.’”

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