Kelly Kelly Speaks Out On A Potential WWE Return, Breaking Away From The Character, Missing WWE

Kelly Kelly

Speaking to the official website of the Montreal Canadians, Kelly Kelly addressed the possibility of returning to WWE. Highlights from the interview, which is available here, are as follows.

Breaking Away From The Kelly Kelly Character:

“It’s been such a big part of my life. I started when I was 19 and Kelly Kelly was such a big name in the WWE and it was my persona for seven years. When I left, I wanted to leave that persona behind and kind of make a name for myself. My fans have been amazing and they’ve followed me through my whole career and they want to see what’s next for me. The show has been great for them to see what I’ve been doing since I left the WWE. I’d like to try acting or hosting or anything like that to further my brand.”

If She Misses The WWE Lifestyle:

“I miss entertaining and performing for sure. I’d love to do something along those lines. WAGS has been amazing because I’ve been able to have fun and be myself and still kind of entertain but in a different way. It’s been great.”

Is She Open To A WWE Return?

“If they ever ask me to come back and do a one-time thing like a Summerslam or a Wrestlemania, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it. I’m still young; I feel I still could go out there and wrestle. You never know.”