Lana Doesn’t Like How Her WWE 2K19 Character Model Looks


Earlier this week, 2K announced the next 62 WWE Superstars who will join the WWE 2K19 roster of playable characters. After it was announced that Lana is a playable character — for the first time ever — 2K revealed her character model via social media.

Lana, however, isn’t happy with how her WWE 2K19 character model looks.

The character model’s look actually comes from a photo shoot she did some time in the past year. In March, recreated posters of the 2018 Oscar’s most celebrated films with WWE Superstars. did a faux poster of “I, Tonya,” which reveals the look 2K used for Lana in WWE 2K19.

When a fan pointed this out on Twitter, Lana responded, “A parody poster 😂.”

Lana also tweeted:

As it turns out, Lana donned her WWE 2K19 attire for a regular photo shoot — not for a movie parody.’s profile photo of Lana up until a few weeks ago was an image of her wearing the attire she claims to have never worn.

Another fan pointed out that she has wrestled before while having short hair. Here is a clip of her at a house show a few months ago.

Given the number of looks Lana has used since she began wrestling on WWE television last year, you can’t blame her for forgetting.