Lars Sullivan Returns To NXT Television

Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan is back, and he’s not happy.

“The Freak”‘s first action since returning from a broken jaw was to take out EC3, who previously implied that Sullivan was behind the attack on Aleister Black. (Black was, after all, the NXT Superstar responsible for Sullivan’s broken jaw.)

Angry that “The Top One Percent” invoked his name, Sullivan sieged EC3 backstage prior to his scheduled match against Raul Mendoza on last night’s episode of NXT.

Sullivan then took out his frustrations on Mendoza, who was unaware of the mayhem that transpired behind-the-scenes. As “The Freak” marched to the ring, he denied any wrongdoing in the assault on Black, took full credit for the beatdown on EC3 and warned Mendoza that he was standing in “Lars Sullivan territory.”

After viciously headbutting and cross-facing Mendoza, Sullivan sent him crashing to the mat, first with a pop-up powerslam and then with the Freak Accident. Since the match was never official, there was no bell to ring — only a flattened Mendoza to peel off the canvas.