Mae Young Classic Competitor Says WWE Rescinded Contract Offer Due To Injury

Mae Young Classic competitor Jazzy Gabert says WWE offered her a contract following the inaugural tournament, but it was rescinded after an injury was discovered by their doctor.

The 35-year-old German grappler was a guest on E and C’s Pod of Awesomeness this week and revealed that while undergoing medical exams she learned that she has three herniated discs in her neck.

Gabert, who is also known as Alpha Female, explained to Edge and Christian, “Of course they sent the results to the WWE doctor and then the WWE doctor contacted me and they said to me, ‘We’re really sorry Jazz, but we cannot give you our clearance and you are disqualified. And you cannot work for WWE.’”

Gabert says the next step is getting surgery to fix the problem, but she has no idea if she’ll be able to wrestle again in the future once it’s done.

You can listen to the interview below. She talks about the WWE contract stuff at around the 1:30:00 mark. You can also hear her talk about the Mae Young Classic at the 1:10:00 mark.