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Mike Kanellis Responds To Criticism Over Maria’s Revealing Instagram Photos

Maria Kanellis

Before heading to yesterday’s WWE SmackDown LIVE event in Dayton, Ohio, Maria Kanellis did an impromptu photo shoot in her hotel room. She posted the shots on Instagram and the outfit she wore showed off her butt and “mom boobs.” As is often the case whenever Maria posts revealing photos of herself, it garnered tons of comments, many of which are negative.

Maria’s husband Mike issued a statement today on Twitter and Instagram addressing her tendency to post revealing photos and men who criticize him for letting her show off her body.

“It’s 2019, and I’m not sure why I still need to address this, but I will,” Mike wrote.

“Whenever my wife posts photos on her social media, I get flooded with comments from men, and I use that term loosely, telling me how I feel or should feel about her posting certain photos. Let me clarify, my wife’s body is hers. Her decisions and choices are hers. I don’t, nor would I ever, tell her what to do, say or post. My wife is a beautiful, smart, intelligent woman and if she wants to show off her gorgeous body, then I will be cheering her on the whole way.

“Also 99% of the time, I’m the one taking the picture. So please stop telling me how I feel or should feel.”

Maria responded to Mike’s post on Instagram, writing, “My king.”

Click here to see Maria’s hotel room photos.