Nia Jax Has Heat Over Liking Instagram Post Accusing Alexa Bliss Of Sleeping With WWE Officials

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax

At WWE Extreme Rules, Nia Jax will get her Raw Women’s Championship rematch against the very WWE Superstar who stole the coveted title away from her at WWE Money in the Bank, her one-time “best friend” Alexa Bliss. Even better, it will be in an Extreme Rules Match.

This feud isn’t like most since the animosity you see between them on Monday Night Raw has spilled over into real-life.

A few days after losing the Raw Women’s Championship, Jax took to Twitter to criticize Bliss’ new tattoo on her rib cage featuring an inspirational message: “I am enough.”

According to Taylor Underwood of, Jax garnered heat with WWE management over her disparaging tweet.

“We are told that WWE management saw the tweet and there is heat on Jax,” Underwood wrote. “Several readers have also pointed out that Jax and Bliss no longer follow each other on Twitter.”

Alexa got legitimately upset over Nia’s remark. After Jax sent out the tweet, she ‘liked’ several tweets showing her support for the tattoo, and criticizing the 272-pound grappler.

A few days before Jax sent out the disparaging tweet, she ‘liked’ an Instagram comment from a WWE fan accusing Bliss of sleeping with WWE officials to get to the top.

The comment was in response to an Instagram post reading: “Nia Jax, Paige & Becky Lynch unfollowed Alexa on IG >> #Interesting.”

Jax apparently caught wind of the post by getting tagged with it. She ‘liked’ this fan’s comment in reference to Alexa: “I mean they arr finding out that she’s riding Officials to get where shes at!!! I don’t blame them!!”

If you follow Jax on Instagram, you can see her most recent likes, follows and even some comments. Jax ‘liking’ that comment popped up on a fan’s activity log of people she follows and she quickly posted a screenshot of it on Twitter.

Some people in WWE caught wind of this and it has organization officials upset.

On the message board, there is a long thread on Jax liking that comment, unfollowing Alexa on social media, and whether it’s all a work to further their on-screen feud.

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer chimed in on the situation and said that “Nia has real-life heat” from WWE officials.

He added, “So this is not a work.”

Meltzer also said that it has nothing to do with Total Divas. It obviously would not since Alexa is no longer on the show. Jax, however, is and went to Lake Tahoe later that week to film scenes for Total Divas.

Jax likely won’t face any official punishment over her recent social media activity. Often times when a WWE wrestler catches heat from management over posts on social media, their method of punishment is too embarrass the offender on television.