Nia Jax Reveals Why Her Match Against Sasha Banks On Raw Was A Special Moment For Her

In the aftermath of Bayley’s injury, Sasha Banks beat Nia Jax this past Monday on Raw to earn the opportunity to challenge Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. Despite the loss, Jax says it was a special moment for her.

“Last night was the first time where I ever had a moment,” Jax said during an interview with on Tuesday at a Be a STAR rally at Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club in Bronx, New York.

“I was sitting there and I heard the crowd. It’s just something different for me. I was sitting there right towards the end of the match with Sasha and she was hitting me with her knees. I could hear the crowd just chanting, ‘This is awesome. This is awesome’ and I literally got goosebumps.

“That was the first time where I’d really come out of it where I was … before there would be nothing different. It would be Full Sail, it would be … you’re in the moment. I’m wrestling. I’m putting on a show. I’m entertaining but that moment last night, it was just a whole other feeling where I was like, ‘Oh my Gosh, all these people are really … my art is really reaching them. Our art is really reaching them’ and it was really cool.”

Jax also said talked about her journey to WWE, which she’s grateful for.

“Some people might think I was brought up [to Raw] too early but I’m also bringing something completely different in this industry and people like different,” Jax said.

“I learned quickly on the way. I feel like people who I’ve spoken to who have been here for almost 20 years say that they are constantly learning every single day and I’m grateful that I’m able to learn at this level and be part of the women’s revolution, you know?

“Be in there and be in there with women like Sasha Banks and Charlotte and Bayley, the women who actually began this and me learning from them. What better way to learn than being on Raw in front of thousands of people in the audience and millions watching on TV and learn straight from them.”