Roman Reigns On If Match With John Cena Will Happen, Controlling The Crowd For His Post-Mania Promo

John Cena and Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns appeared on the latest edition of the Off The Board podcast. Here are a couple of highlights via Sports Illustrated:

His post-WrestleMania 33 promo after beating The Undertaker:

“There’s a different type of appreciation that you have for a really good match, like a 30-minute bout, and taking the crowd on that roller coaster ride. I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a few of those matches to where it was just incredible, the crowd was awesome they were just going nuts the whole time, super into the match, but that [promo] was probably the most gratifying thing I’ve… I enjoyed that segment more than any other segment and I had just wrestled and beaten the Undertaker the night before.

“But it was so bittersweet to just be able to have full control. I just felt like everybody was on a string at that point and I was just pulling them. There’s a little thing where you can see I pretty much mouth it, ‘I got em in the palm of my hand.’ I had thousands of people doing exactly what I wanted them to do and it’s like master plan and it’s unfolding perfectly in front of your eyes. I could’ve stayed out there for another 20 minutes. We had other segments and other brothers that had to go out there and do their work. But the whole time, I was looking at every different cameraman and they’re all telling me to ‘go home’ and that signal is just one finger doing a little circle, saying ‘wrap it up, take it home, let’s go,’ and I sat there and looked at cameramen doing that for five to 10 minutes and I knew we were getting pretty deep into that Seg One and we’re about pretty much cross over into Seg 2 and Seg 3 and I felt bad because there were guys, I think it was one of the Hardy Boyz against Sheamus or Cesar, and I did feel bad because I did eat into their match, but there was that electricity out there and you don’t leave the table when you’re on the heater.”

If a match with John Cena will happen following their recent Twitter beef:

“I think so. If you’re here for the right reasons — and this doesn’t just go for wrestling, this is anything, this is what drives our world — you wanna be in there with the best. To say John Cena is not one of the best of all time is asinine. He is. He’s a 16-time heavyweight champion. There’s only two men in the whole world that can say that. So to be able to share the ring with him, to do a big fight with John Cena, I’m all for that.

“I came here for a reason. I didn’t come here to blend in. I came here to stick out and that’s what I’ve done. I’m not gonna back down to anybody I said this a long time ago: I don’t care who’s at the top. I’m stepping up. I think I’ve proved that over the years. I think, what a great way to honor both of our careers and what we’re trying to do and the way we try to drive this train. What better way to do it than in the ring, one on one.”

You can read more highlights from the interview at Sports Illustrated, or listen to the full podcast by clicking here.