Nikki Bella Talks About Her Revealing Dress At The Slammy Awards

The latest episode of Eden’s Style is all about how fashionable this year’s Slammy Awards were. That includes Nikki Bella explaining the dress she wore for her acceptance speech for her “Diva of the Year” award.

Well, I have to thank Miss Stella McCartney for this piece. I actually wore this piece recently to the premiere of ‘Sisters,’ a new movie that John (Cena) is in, so go watch it. But, you know what? I wanted a show stopper. But I wanted to feel like, I guess, I was being a little bit conservative. I definitely think this was a show stopper. I have to admit, it’s the Slammys and I wanted to give it a Nikki Bella feel. So that’s why I put the black undergarments underneath, just to give you a taste of what Nikki Bella is really like and I think you’ve all gotten that from this.