Creative Writer Gone From WWE Over Conflict With Vince McMahon At Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Mr. McMahon

Creative writer Robert “R.D.” Evans is gone from WWE, reportedly over a conflict that developed during the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony last Saturday.

According to, there was an incident during the ceremony that led to Evans quitting while the event was taking place. Evans wrote a line during Bret Hart’s induction speech where Hart thanked Vince McMahon for giving him and Jim Neidhart their break together. McMahon’s name was not to be mentioned in any speech as they were told ahead of time or expected to already know it.

Evans claimed Thursday on Twitter that he quit WWE.

One person noted that the fan attack on Hart created a very tense atmosphere backstage. McMahon was furious when Hart’s speech was over and tore into Evans. Hart’s remarks thanking McMahon were shown on a teleprompter that Hart read off and therefore passed through a number of people after Evans wrote it.

McMahon scolding Evans led to him quitting on the spot. However, the belief among many people in WWE is that McMahon was going to fire him either at the show or immediately following it, which led to a “you can’t fire me, I quit” scenario.

Evans is best known for portraying a number of characters in Ring of Honor and CHIKARA before joining WWE as a writer in 2016, including Archibald Peck and Mixed Martial Archie.