WWE Changes The Spelling Of Ruby Riot’s Name

Ruby Riott - WWE Superstar

Ruby Riot has undergone a slight name change following her promotion to SmackDown LIVE.

There is now an extra “t” in her name as her profile on WWE.com now lists her as Ruby Riott.

While the name change seems strange, this was likely done for legal reasons. WWE filed a trademark for ‘Ruby Riot’ back in April, but the matter remains unresolved months later.

A possible reason for the change is due to ‘Ruby Riot’ appearing in a fictional book series.

There is an Amazon listing for a three book series called Ruby Riot. The main character is an English rock star named Jax Lewis and he is the guitarist for a band called Ruby Riot.

Since WWE does not have ownership of the name, they likely gave up on it. If someone else owns the name Ruby Riot, it would be a major issue if WWE decided to release merchandise.

The name change was reflected on tonight’s episode of SmackDown LIVE. During a backstage interview with Dasha Fuentes, Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan introduced themselves as The Riott Squad.

Later in the night, the trio beat SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Naomi after Natalya walked out on her partners.

This put Charlotte and Naomi at a huge disadvantage, which eventually led to Morgan and Logan using the steel steps to brutalize Naomi on the outside, leaving her incapacitated and prompting the medical staff to take her away on a stretcher.