Seth Rollins and Ex-WWE Writer Explain Why Writing Monday Night Raw Every Week Is Hard

Seth Rollins

Monday Night Raw has been widely panned by critics in recent weeks and the show’s ratings are now suffering.

Raw this week drew just 2.194 million viewers, which is the lowest viewership figure in the show’s history.

Also, the second and third hours were viewed by fewer homes than any second and third hour in the history of the show.

Bryan Alvarez of called this “embarrassing,” which drew a response from former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs and Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins.

Jacobs wrote, “Writing a 3 hour wrestling tv show every single week is fuckin hard.”

Rollins then wrote to Jacobs, “That’s the one thing I don’t think people understand. 5 hours of live TV every week. EVERY WEEK. Add in all the extraneous variables that affect the final outcome….and it’s a modern miracle that the shows come together as well as they do.”