Some People In WWE Believe Dean Ambrose Leaving Is “A Work”

Dean Ambrose

Some of Dean Ambrose’s peers in WWE believe his announced departure from the company is part of a storyline.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, some WWE wrestlers feel Ambrose leaving in April is “a work” since the company released a statement on it, which is something they rarely do ahead of time.

Meltzer noted that while most WWE wrestlers were kept in the dark about Ambrose until Tuesday, others were aware of his situation prior to Raw.

“They [WWE] released it [confirmation of Ambrose’s exit] to the media and they put it on their website, which immediately made people think it was a work. As far as I know it’s not. People within wrestling – I mean, I know some of their talent thinks it’s a work, because they put it on the website. Some talent knew last night [Monday], but most didn’t. But last night when I was trying to confirm it with people, they didn’t know.”

According to Meltzer’s sources, some writers didn’t know either, and as such didn’t know the real motive behind Ambrose’s confrontation with Nia Jax.

After losing to Seth Rollins, Ambrose sat in a chair in the middle of the ring and promised to bare his soul. His speech, however, got cut off by Jax’s entrance theme as Jax and Tamina headed to the ring for their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match against Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. Jax confronted Ambrose and when he turned to leave, she knocked him out of the ring with an elbow to the back of the head. Referees then held Ambrose back as Jax taunted him from the ring.

“I know that on the creative team, and there may have been the top guys on the creative team that knew, but most of the creative team had no idea. And they had no idea that this stuff was being scripted to, you know, whatever, humiliate him or bury him on the way out or whatever it is. They didn’t know any of that, so they’re even wondering.”

WWE reporting on Ambrose and his contract status sounds like it’s throwing everyone, including Meltzer, off.

“But I can’t imagine – yeah, WWE is doing some weird storyline stuff when it comes to playing all this stuff out, but as far as I can tell this is legit.”