Nia Jax Shows Off New Shorter Hairstyle While She Recovers From ACL Surgery, WWE Star Turns 30

Nia Jax

— It’s probably going to be a while before Nia Jax steps inside a ring again after “The Irresistible Force” underwent surgery in April to repair ACL tears in both of her knees. The standard recovery time for ACL surgery is nine months, but there’s no word on when she’ll be able to return to action.

While she awaits her return to the ring, Jax made a drastic change to her look as she had most of her hair cut off.

Jax revealed her new shorter hairstyle in a video post on Instagram on Sunday. She re-posted the video on Twitter today and wrote, “Chopped all my hair off and it’s finally starting to get some inches.”

Jax responded to a fan who said he was sad over her new haircut, writing, “You’re sad bc I cut my hair? Lol!! You know that 95 percent of your fave females celebs where extensions or wigs, right?”

Jax then explained why she cut her hair short.

“Well…the constant travel, styling (ie blow drying, straightening, coloring) and hair pulling that goes along with the job has a big affect on our hair,” Jax wrote.

— Billie Kay celebrated a milestone birthday on Sunday as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion turned 30 years old.

On turning 30, the SmackDown LIVE Superstar posted the following on Instagram:

“Ive always been a very private person so this is hard for me to share but this year I’ve been through personal hardships that have honestly made me question who I am and make me think of the woman I want to be.

“Life is hard, like really hard.

“There have been many times where I have doubted myself and struggled with self esteem and body issues. Through everything, I’ve learnt that you have to remember your worth and how incredibly strong, beautiful and powerful you are.

“I have so many supportive and loving people in my life that I don’t post about on social media but I’m so thankful for every single one of them. You all mean more to me than you will ever know ❤️ Now I’m 30, and I’m damn proud of everything I’ve accomplished so far, so here’s to the next 30… I’m so ready.

“Shoutout to @ajkphotography1 for this latest shoot, you are amazing & I had so much fun ☺️🙏”