Latest Update On James Ellsworth Possibly Returning To WWE At Money in the Bank

James Ellsworth

Is James Ellsworth returning to WWE?

PWInsider reported on Monday that there have been several recent creative pitches for the former Superstar to return to WWE television. The report also claims that he is slated to be backstage at this Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view event at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

Ellsworth seemed to shut down the rumor as he immediately noted on Twitter that he’s already booked to defend his Intergender Championship in Harbin, China for Middle Kingdom Wrestling.

The person who owns Middle Kingdom Wrestling, Adrian Gomez, issued a statement today revealing that Ellsworth backed out of the appearance on Wednesday after repeated attempts to contact him over the last six days to confirm travel arrangements. The booking had been planned since February.

Gomez also hinted that Ellsworth will be at Money in the Bank, writing, “And since we are spoiling surprises for another company, MKW is happy to announce that…”


James Ellsworth was scheduled to appear this weekend (June 16/17, 2018) in Harbin, China, as part of Middle Kingdom Wrestling presents EYES ON THE PRIZE, and an MKW Meet ‘n Greet party. This booking has been in place since February.

James Ellsworth informed us last night that he will not be traveling to China. This news comes after repeated attempts by MKW management to contact Ellsworth over the last six days to confirm travel arrangements.

On behalf of MKW, I would like to apologize to the fans who bought tickets with the intention of seeing James Ellsworth wrestle and meeting him in person at the MKW Meet ‘n Greet event. MKW is disappointed by the actions of James Ellsworth, especially at the late nature of the cancellation. However we still have the most talented card in MKW history lined up and aim to provide a historic night of action, including China’s first intergender match between Tyra Russamee and Carless Whisper.

And since we are spoiling surprises for another company, MKW is happy to announce that former NWA and Zero-1 Champion Buffa will be appearing at this weekend’s show, teaming up with Michael Su to take on Big Sam and Ash of The Stable. MKW will continue its upward trend and continue breaking new ground in the pro wrestling scene in China.

We look forward to seeing all of you at Coszone 2018 and the MKW Meet ‘n Greet party this Saturday and at our live pro wrestling event EYES ON THE PRIZE on Sunday evening starting at 20:00.

In the latest update on the situation, PWInsider is reporting that Ellsworth is at the Allstate Arena for Money in the Bank. He is being hidden on a bus and will be making an appearance on tonight’s show.

WWE released Ellsworth from his contract last November after a run where he was aligned with Carmella, helping her to become the first female Money in the Bank briefcase holder. On November 7, 2017, Ellsworth lost to Becky Lynch in a “battle of the sexes” match and got attacked by Carmella following the bout, which ended their relationship and marked his final appearance in WWE.

“Ellsworth, 33, was released when they decided they wanted Carmella on her own and without him, and they didn’t open up a new role for him,” Dave Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published today.

“[This Sunday] would be the one year anniversary of Ellsworth helping Carmella win the briefcase. So you could easily see him as a gag in the second women’s MITB match, or being used for a finish in the Carmella vs. Asuka match.”

Ellsworth made his WWE debut as an enhancement talent to help get Braun Strowman over in the summer of 2016. A number of WWE Superstars, including Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose, pushed for him to be signed full-time by the company. Ellsworth was involved with Ambrose and AJ Styles on SmackDown LIVE before turning heel and aligning with Carmella.

Since his departure from WWE, Ellsworth has challenged NWA Champion Nick Aldis as a surprise challenger on a Championship Wrestling from Hollywood television taping and created the Intergender Championship, setting the stage for him to wrestle women on the independent scene.