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Thanks to Will Henderson (@willh94) for texting us the following WWE NXT TV spoilers from tonight’s tapings at Full Sail University:

August 30th Episode:

* We are show the Takeover recap video that aired to kick off this past week’s NXT.

* We are shown SAnitY and various roster members laid out on Full Sail’s backlot, while Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly are shown walking away. NXT General Manager William Regal is shown surveying the scene seething

* New NXT Champion Drew McIntyre out. Says the past 17 years has led to this. He knows the title means he’s got a target on his back. Calls out Cole, Fish, O’Reilly, and the whole locker room and says it’s Drew’s world now. If you want a shot, come to the ring and ask him to fight. Roderick Strong out and says he wants a shot. Says tonight he will beat Bobby Roode, then he will step up and fight Drew like a man. Drew says he hopes Roddy is ready to get knocked out like a man

* They are dimming the lights on the crowd like they have done at Takeovers at Full Sail in the past during matches

* Peyton Royce defeated Ruby Riot. Ruby with a dropkick for a nearfall. Ruby locks in an arm wrench, but Peyton fights out to the ropes. Peyton tosses Ruby outside and rips her hair extensions out. Ruby takes over after a clothesline and drives Peyton’s head into the turnbuckle with her knees. Peyton hits her Fireman’s Carry driver but Ruby kicks out. Billie Kay pulls Peyton out of the ring but Ruby hits a suicide dive onto both. Peyton distracts the ref and Billie lays out Ruby with a kick outside the ring. Peyton pulls Ruby in and hits her Fisherman’s Suplex for the win

* Heavy Machinery defeated two jobbers in a quick squash match. Nothing of note here

* Roderick Strong defeated Bobby Roode. “Thank you Bobby” chants from some of the crowd to start. Bobby goes for his Glorious pose but Roddy shoves him and goes for a takedown. Strong with a beautiful dropkick. Stiff chops. Roddy with a series of backbreakers. Roode knocks Strong off the apron and into the steps. Roode nails a spinebuster on the floor. Roode with a neck breaker for 2. Roode with a series of backbreakers of his own, then does his Glorious pose. Roode working over the spine of Strong. Strong hits a pop-up gutbuster. Roode reverses the Angle Slam into an arm drag. Strong with a backbreaker for a nearfall. Strong with a Tiger Driver for 2, and transitions the kickout to a Boston Crab. Strong reverses the Glorious DDT into an Angle Slam. Strong with an enziguri to Roode on the top rope, then a superplex for 2. They exchange punches, then Roode hits the Glorious DDT but Strong gets his foot on the ropes. Roode slaps Strong, but Strong responds with a jumping knee, then hits End of Heartache. Strong picks up Roode, blows him a kiss, then hits End of Heartache again for the pin

Post match, Drew McIntyre comes out. He holds the belt up towards Roddy on the stage when Cole, O’Reilly, and Fish attack. Cole hits a DDT on the stage when security and Regal run out. The trio escape through the crowd and are shown leaving Full Sail as Drew is attended to on the ramp

September 6th Episode:

* The ramp and ring apron have Conor’s Cure logos on them

* Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated Cezar Bononi. Zelina Vega is on commentary. Cezar gets some offense to start, but Andrade takes over with a stiff backfist after sidestepping a kick. Andrade goes for the double knees in the corner, but Vega yells at him from commentary to finish Bononi, so Andrade hits the El Idolo DDT for the win

* Aleister Black out for a promo. Aleister says 15 years ago he started a journey that led him here to NXT. Says his journey in NXT is far from over, and he knows now, that his next step in NXT is NXT Champion Drew McIntyre. The Velveteen Dream interrupts. Dream says that Black has been blinded by the light that is the Velveteen Dream. Dream says he doesn’t see any of the darkness, and he asks Aleister where his scars are. He says he sees a man who’s hurt. Says Aleister looks afraid, afraid to get close, and that he’s afraid of the light. He knows Aleister has a heart, it’s just in the wrong place. Aleister uses the Black Mass to knock the mic out of Dream’s hand then sits down. Dream drops to his knees and gets right in Aleister’s face, as if he is going to kiss him, before sliding out of the ring

* Johnny Gargano defeated Riddick Moss (w/Tino Sabbatelli). Riddick was in control for a good 90% of the match. Riddick tells Johnny he’s nothing without DIY, and Johnny unloads. Gargano hits a running cannonball off the apron. Tino distracts Johnny and Riddick goes for a crucifix powerbomb, but Gargano reverses into the Gargano Escape, but Riddick gets the ropes. Tino tries to attack Johnny, but Gargano fights him off and hits the lawn dart for the pin

* They announce we’ve got a No Disqualification match between Hideo Itami & Kassius Ohno later tonight

* Lars Sullivan defeated 3 jobbers in a 3-on-1 handicap match. Lars demands all 3 guys at once. At the bell he throws each one around the ring. Lars decimates all 3 guys and hits his sidearm power slam on each guy and pins the final one. No reaction for this. Lars starts attacking each guy after the match, but No Way Jose interrupts. Says he stopped the biggest conga line ever at Brooklyn. Says Lars is tough, but let’s see how tough he is when Jose’s back isn’t turned. Jose throws the first punch but Lars lays him out with a clothesline and just destroys him and walks away

* Sonya Deville defeated Zeda in a sloppy match. Sonya nails a rough knee to the sternum on a seated Zeda and locks in an armbar for the quick win

* Kassius Ohno defeated Hideo Itami in a No DQ match. Kassius with a leg drop and some chops. Hideo runs Kassius’ head into the ringpost and Ohno tumbles down the steps. Hideo stands on Ohno’s head on the steps. Itami with a flurry of stiff kicks and the corner dropkick for a 2. Hideo goes under the ring for a chair. Kassius fights the chair away and tosses it to Hideo, but Hideo uses the chair to block the rolling elbow. Hideo goes after the arm and takes control. Hideo wedges the chair in the corner, but they trade reversals without going into it. Ohno with an enziguri and a running senton. Kassius nails a brutal rolling elbow and knocks Itami out of the ring. Ohno backs him up the ramp and nails another brutal elbow. Itami suplexes Ohno on the ramp. Itami screams for the crowd to show him respect. Itami stomps Ohno in the corner, and puts the chair over him and nails the corner dropkick for a nearfall. Ohno goes for the elbow, but Itami goes for the low blow kick. Ohno catches the leg and hits a low blow of his own, then nails the elbow for the pin

September 13th Episode:

* Ruby Riot defeated Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. Ruby starts the match with no partner. Peyton and Billie take advantage, but suddenly Nikki Cross appears at ringside, looking on with a smirk on her face. Ruby turns the tide and crawls to her corner, when Nikki jumps on the apron and tags herself in to a huge pop. Nikki goes crazy on both of the Iconic Duo and hits the swinging fisherman neckbreaker on Billie. Nikki tags Ruby in and leaves through the crowd as Ruby hits a cannonball senton off the top for the pin

* The Street Profits defeated The Ealy Brothers. Ealys take control after some early double team moves by the Street Profits. Montez gets the hot tag in to Dawkins, who runs wild and the Street Profits pick up the win with the spinebuster/frog splash combo. Post match they run into the crowd to celebrate to a huge pop

* Pete Dunne defeated Wolfgang to retain the WWE United Kingdom Title. Dunne is an absolute star. Crowd loves him. Dunne in control early with a lot of arm wrenching and holds on Wolfgang. Wolfgang goes up too but Pete bites his hand and sends him outside. Wolfgang slaps Pete who responds with tough strikes. Wolfgang powers out of a kimura with a suplex. Wolfgang nails a huge spear as Pete runs at him in the corner that sends Pete outside. Wolfgang nails a tope to the outside but only gets a 2. Wolfgang with a delayed vertical suplex off the top and goes for The Howling, but Pete catches him in an armbar. Wolfgang powers out. Pete nails a stiff forearm and hits the Bitter End for the pin. Post match, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish hit the ring and surround Dunne. Pete backs off then attacks, and Wolfgang joins in to help. Pete bails and looks like he’s going to run back in, but instead grabs his title from the ring and leaves. Cole nails a shining wizard as Fish and O’Reilly hold Wolfgang. As Cole & company leave through the crowd, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate run down to check on Wolfgang and stare down the Cole trio

September 20th Episode:

* – Johnny Gargano defeated Tino Sabbatelli (w/Riddick Moss). Same format as the match Johnny had with Riddick earlier. Johnny wins with the Gargano Escape

* Bianca BelAir defeated Lacey Evans. Bianca dominated the match. She gets win with an inverted powerbomb after her trademark hair whip spot

* Lars Sullivan defeated No Way Jose. Lars just destroyed Jose the whole match. Brutal spots with Jose getting tossed around outside the ring and on the apron. Jose tries to fight back but Lars flattens him. Lars hits a diving headbutt and his sidearm powerslam for the win.

* Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish (w/Adam Cole) defeated Trent Seven and Tyler Bate. Good match. Fish and O’Reilly dominate early. Fish spears Seven into the barricade at ringside. Trent hits a suicide dive on Fish. Tyler goes for the Tyler Driver 97, but Kyle reverses it into a guillotine. Bobby & Kyle hit Chasing the Dragon but Tyler gets his foot on the rope. Trent gets the tag and runs wild, locking Kyle in a half crab, but Fish nails a kick. Cole superkicks Bate at ringside, allowing Fish and O’Reilly to hit their new finisher, a leg sweep/heel kick combo for the pin. Post match, NXT Champion Drew McIntyre comes out, but the Cole trio bails into the crowd. As they try to exit, SAnitY appears behind them and attacks, brawling until Cole & Co. retreat through the crowd

* This segment should air on the September 6th episode. A video package on Asuka and her incredible run airs on the tron. William Regal is in the ring and introduces Asuka. Asuka says she loves NXT and is grateful for NXT. Regal says she’s done nothing but defend the title with honor since coming to NXT and that she is one of the greatest champions in WWE history. Regal announces that Asuka and himself have begun negotiations with both RAW and SmackDown General Managers, but it is bittersweet as she will be stepping down as NXT Women’s Champion. The NXT roster empties out onto the stage to say farewell. Asuka says wherever she goes, NXT will go with her. Ember Moon walks out and offers and handshake, but fakes out and gives Asuka a hug. Triple H comes out and gives Asuka a bouquet of flowers and takes the title, introducing her one final time as the undefeated, 523 day reigning champion. Asuka takes her bows and poses with HHH on the stage to end the tapings

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