The Undertaker Joins Twitter


After surprising fans last May by opening an Instagram account, The Undertaker has finally joined Twitter.

His Twitter handle is @theundertaker and verified. Like his verified Instagram account, Undertaker’s Twitter account also lists the same email address for bookings and business inquiries.

“The Deadman” actually joined Twitter last November and made his first tweet on December 4 by posting a photo of himself and writing, “Rest In Peace.”

The Undertaker did his second tweet on Thursday — a highlight video of his match against Shawn Michaels at Royal Rumble 2007.

Earlier today, Undertaker responded to boxing great Evander Holyfield welcoming him to Twitter by writing, “Thanks Champ!”

Undertaker then tweeted “DEADMAN INC.” and sent a shout-out to the Dallas Cowboys before their NFC Divisional Round game against the Los Angeles Rams.