Tough Enough Winner Josh Bredl To Debut In The Royal Rumble?

Josh Bredl

The male winner of WWE Tough Enough, Josh Bredl (known in NXT as Bronson Mathews), made headlines this week when he made some disparaging comments on Twitter about The Social Outcasts during Monday’s edition of Raw. Bredl called them “Social Jobbers,” and he received some serious blow-back from several WWE stars, including Stardust and Kevin Owens.

Bredl then dug an even deeper hole for himself when he responded to Kevin Owens’ tweet about blocking him with a “LOL.” Owens, a man known for always getting the best of people in Twitter disputes, responded, “Let him LOL. People like him fizzle out by themselves pretty quick anyway.”

Ever since this all went down, the talk in WWE has been about all of the heat Bredl has made for himself in the locker room. As someone who was always going to have to earn respect with the other wrestlers due to being handed a $250,000 contract with no real experience in the business, he really made things hard on himself this week.

Bryan Alvarez mentioned on Wrestling Observer Live that his sources have told him that there are several within WWE who want to give Bredl a “hazing.” It now appears that they may actually have the chance live on television.

Nearly everyone from the NXT roster will be in attendance at the Royal Rumble on Sunday, and Alvarez reports that there is talk of putting Bredl into the Rumble match itself.