Why Doesn’t Lana Ever Get Physical?


As the villainous mouthpiece for Rusev, it is only expected that Lana eventually “gets what’s coming to her” for her devious tactics and scathing political commentary. However, several months into this run of “The Super Athlete” often dominating his opponents, it has yet to happen. Not once has “The Ravishing Russian” been attacked, or really embarrassed for that matter. There is a reason for Lana not getting physical (outside of putting her hands on a wrestler without getting hurt).

In February 2013, WWE held auditions for potential Divas in Los Angeles, California, featuring women the sports-entertainment organization had recruited from modeling agencies. The women ranged from models, aspiring actresses and dancers, one of whom was the future Diva. The accomplished entertainer impressed talent scouts during a multi-day evaluation session that included wrestling training and she was signed to a developmental contract; she arrived to the WWE Performance Center when it opened that summer.

As she was training to wrestle, she got hurt and is therefore prohibited from taking bumps for health reasons. So for those hoping that Lana one day laces up the boots and wrestles, or least becomes a Sensational Sherri-like character, that will likely never happen — and WWE can’t make her do it. She can get away without getting physical since she’s an actress enhancing Rusev’s presentation through her words, not to mention that it’s not particularly necessary in the storyline for her to be assaulted.

Inevitably, Lana will get her comeuppance, but it will come in the form of her being in disbelief over Rusev finally going down for the count.