Final Betting Odds For Survivor Series (Contains Spoilers)

Brock Lesnar is about to go one-on-one with Daniel Bryan in an epic Champion vs. Champion clash at WWE Survivor Series. Here are the final betting odds for the match and the entire show from

While there haven’t been any substantial changes with the Survivor Series betting odds in terms of projected results, we are still able to analyze the data fluctuations and in some cases the lack thereof. Those that were graded to win tonight are still favored, however on a match-by-match, by-the-odds basis we are able to identify whose favorable odds have increased, decreased and have gone completely unchanged.

Those that have seem their odds increase significantly include United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy and the Men’s Team Raw Survivor Series Team. Ronda Rousey has also saw her odds increase slightly, but not nearly to the degree of the competitors named in the previous sentence.

There are also two sports book favorites that, while still projected to win, have seen their odds decrease a bit. These include the Raw Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain and the Smackdown Women’s Survivor Series Team.

Two matches have not seen any change whatsoever in the odds as Universal Champion Brock Lesnar has the exact same odds to defeat newly crowned WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and the same for the Smackdown Tag Team Survivor Series group.

For those unfamiliar with reading the betting odds, a minus sign represents the favorite, while the plus sign indicates the underdog. The size of the corresponding number tells us how favored or unfavorable the wrestler(s) happen to be at a given time, although odds do fluctuate and even reverse altogether. All matches listed below are under “end of broadcast” grading, meaning the final result in the event of a match being restarted or having the decision reversed.

Raw Women’s Champion vs Smackdown Women’s Champion
Ronda Rousey -530 vs Charlotte Flair +350

WWE Universal Champion vs WWE Champion
Brock Lesnar -300 vs Daniel Bryan +220

Intercontinental Champion vs United States Champion
Seth Rollins +280 vs Shinsuke Nakamura -400

Raw Tag Team Champions vs Smackdown Tag Team Champions
Authors of Pain -260 vs Sheamus & Cesaro +180

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Buddy Murphy(c) -400 vs Mustafa Ali +280

Team Raw vs Team Smackdown (Men’s) – 5 on 5 Traditional Survivor Series Match
Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor & Bobby Lashley -385 vs The Miz, Shane McMahon, Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy +265

Team Raw vs Team Smackdown (Women’s) – 5 on 5 Traditional Survivor Series Match
Natalya, Mickie James, Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka & Ruby Riott +140 vs Carmella, NaoBobbysuka Sonya Deville & TBA -180

Team Raw vs Team Smackdown (Tag Team) – 10 on 10 Traditional Survivor Series Match
Booby Roode & Chad Gable, The Ascension, Lucha House Party, B-Team & The Revival +300 vs The Usos, The New Day, The Good Brothers, SanitY and The Colons -420