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Check out Paige from a whole different angle in this amazing photo gallery of the WWE star and two-time Divas Champion.

Perhaps no woman in WWE history has made as immediate an impact as Paige. After nearly one year of representing NXT as their first-ever Women’s Champion, the determined wrestler debuted on Raw in April 2014, and the results were historic. Competing in her first WWE match, Paige toppled AJ Lee to capture the Divas Championship.

With the victory, Paige became the youngest to ever hold the Divas Championship, while also being the first to claim the title in her first-ever Raw match. Additionally, Paige will forever be recognized as the first competitor to hold both the NXT Women’s Championship and the Divas Championship simultaneously.

Paige became an important player in the Divas Revolution when she teamed with Charlotte and Becky Lynch to form Team PCB. While initially successful, the partnership eventually disintegrated when Paige claimed Charlotte was only successful because she’s Ric Flair‘s daughter.

Known as “The Diva of Tomorrow,” Paige certainly has a bright future. And along the way, you can bet she won’t stop reminding the other women whose house they’re in.

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Have Nude Photos Of Paige Leaked Online?


Have nude photos of Paige leaked online?

Over the Fourth of July weekend, a photo purportedly of the WWE Superstar taking a nude selfie surfaced on social media and various “underground” forums. Some fans tweeted the photo in question to her mother, Saraya Knight, who boldly addressed the situation.

Paige’s mom, who actually posted the photo in question on her Twitter account, lashed back, “Seriously what makes you guys think that I want to see bad photoshopped images of my daughter, for the last time THEY ARE F*****G FAKE!!”

While Knight is labeling the photo as fake, there is a key clue indicating it’s actually authentic. The phone cover seen in the photo matches with this selfie Paige posted on Instagram in November 2014. This situation is also quite similar to what Dana Brooke experienced in December 2015.

Now that we know that a nude photo of Paige was leaked online, it wouldn’t be too surprising if more images surfaced. Stay tuned.