The son of the legendary "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, Cody was taught a route of patience had to be taken to become a WWE Superstar. Cody chose a different route when he turned his back on his mentor, Hardcore Holly. A cocky Rhodes declared "When you're this good, you don't pay dues." The then-newcomer aligned himself with another young and dynamic WWE Superstar, Ted DiBiase.

Backing their claims of greatness, the heirs of WWE Hall of Famers dominated the tag team scene during the second half of 2008. They even turned back John Cena and Batista for their second World Tag Team Championship. Their impressive performances led them to another WWE Superstar with professional wrestling in his blood, Randy Orton. With "The Viper" as leader, the venomous ternion became known as Legacy. The brash attitude of each WWE Superstar clashed and at WrestleMania XXVI, the Legacy's met each other in a Triple Threat Match.

In 2010, Rhodes traveled to SmackDown and won the WWE Tag Team Championship with Drew McIntyre. Shortly after being named "Most Handsome Superstar" in a WWE Divas poll and adding "Dashing" to his name, he suffered a facial injury from the feet of Rey Mysterio. When Rhodes returned to the ring, he sported a protective mask and demanded audiences place brown paper bags over their heads to hide their offensive faces. Eventuallly Cody's face healed and he regained his former confidence. In August 2011, Rhodes captured his first individual prize, the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Unfortunately for Rhodes, he chose to taunt Big Show in the months leading up to WrestleMania XXVIII and then lost the title to the "World's Largest Athlete" after being hit by the W.M.D.

Backstage Details On Where The Stardust Angle Is Supposed To Lead

Will fans remember the name Stardust?

As seen Monday night on Raw, Cody Rhodes reemerged as Stardust, with face paint, a bodysuit, and mannerisms similar to those of Goldust. The future of this unique pairing will hinge on the audience's reception to them.

This is according to Figure Four Weekly editor Bryan Alvarez, who revealed on the Bryan & Vinny & Craig Show (audio available at F4WOnline.com), that should the act get over with the audience, they will be challenging for the WWE Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam on Aug. 17. Now, if the act doesn't get over to WWE's liking, there will be a turn that leads to them wrestling each other at the summer show. There were creative plans to break them up earlier this year, but those plans were scrapped.

Despite a wealth of talent and commitment, Cody Rhodes has yet to break through into the main event for the biggest professional wrestling organization in the world. Given the verve with which he has thrown himself into past gimmicks like "Dashing" Cody Rhodes or the twisted villain he became when he thought he was "deformed," there's every reason to think that if anyone could make Goldust 2.0 work, it would be him.

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